Wine production

Let’s talk about one of the most popular drinks: wine. Wine has many fans, lovers, experts and for some, it’s taboo

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Cultured meat

Are we ready for something new? Something innovative, but ethically challenging? I am! I’m talking about cultured meat. Cultured meat is

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We provide a unique kind of platform where any adventurer can professionally share their fun stories. We just started out, but there’s a more sophisticated website PLUS an academy for content creators coming up. 

Any profits we make will be invested in sustainable/innovative projects that you come up with yourselves. And you can win some pretty cool stuff and opportunities. Do we have your attention yet?

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Are you a content creator, food professional, writer, or food enthusiast who loves to inspire a worldwide audience? 

You can apply YOUR story and we help you become an even better reporter by providing constructive feedback. Let’s improve the food industry from within. 

In a few weeks, the process will be automized. But for now you can reach out by sending an email and we will send you a file with more information and the guidelines. Really looking forward to meeting you, we’ve got your back!

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