Our delicious basic needs

As you probably know as a foodie is that food is really important to us. It’s a way of connecting in person or on mediums like this. But it’s also a way of expressing ourselves and our beliefs. I will write some more parts about the psychology of food. There is so much to learn about our eating behavior, diseases, and how to promote or discourage food items. 

First, let’s look at the history of humans and food. According to Maslow’s pyramid of needs is food one of the basic needs people want to meet. Only when this need is fulfilled the needs of safety, social contact, recognition and appreciation, and self-development can be fulfilled. This sounds logical: When you are really hungry you don’t want to be social with other people, you just want to eat. Of course, this also has a physical explanation, but in the end, you need food to get to the state of self-development. 

Not only did Maslow say that food is one of the basic needs of people. Also in Darwin’s natural selection theory food was one of the main principles. Those who are competitive enough will have enough food to survive. The people who would survive were the people who met their basic needs for food. Those people would get the opportunity to reproduce. 

The selection of a partner is even based on food. Women often choose a partner with high status. This would mean that the partner will be more likely to provide the food the woman and her children will need. This is not the only reason why women choose a man with high status, but it is one of them. 

As you now learned food is not only a way to connect, but also one of the greatest motivators in our lives. Without our need for food we can’t be creative, we can’t reproduce and we would have even more trouble in finding a partner to grow old with. 

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Article written by Mirthe Pijnappels

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