Boost your vegetables

In the Netherlands we have a national institute for food counseling. They write general advice about our food intake and one of those advices was about the bare minimum of our vegetable consumption. They highly recommend consuming at least 250 grams of vegetables on a daily base, since these are so micronutrient-dense and there’s a proven relation between high vegetable intake and better health. So I was slightly shocked when I found out that only 16% of the Dutch adults actually manage to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables a day. The average is only 100 – 150 grams per person.

So, we have to stay healthy, eat our veggies and live happily ever after. But how on earth are we going to change our tradition of eating bread (just bread and peanut butter, cheese or chocolate sprinkles) TWICE a day? We only ate greens in the evening and – thanks to the salad-in-a-jar-trend and snack-sized cucumbers – managed to add 15% as snacks and lunch, but we seem kind of stuck in here. Luckily, more and more people are changing their breakfast habits as well.

Last year I met Berend Eberson (26), an inspiringly entrepreneurial health scientist. He re-invented breakfasts in the best way I’ve ever seen! He launched ‘Grunten veggie oats’ in 2018 and already collaborates with universities and supermarkets. They sell three kinds of pie-flavoured, portion-sized breakfasts which contain 100 grams of vegetables each! Berend strongly believes that a healthy lifestyle should be easy, available for anyone and most of all delicious. Follow his journey on Instagram @gruntenveggieoats.

Have you ever tried eating vegetables for breakfast? The macro- as well as the micronutrients and fiber, make a great kick-start of your day while supplying energy and a saturated feeling for hours.

This might seem a small invention at first, but these kinds of products can really change our lifestyle and health. Imagine all the huge brands implementing this responsibility and vision, how different would our food pattern be?

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Article written by Marieke Schouten

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