A Life On Our Planet

David Attenborough. Who could not be jealous of this man? He got to travel all over the globe and experience the true, raw beauty of our world. Besides that, he looks ridiculously healthy for a 93-years-old human being. I was lucky enough to witness the Costa Rican rainforest, Malawian steppe, and Austrian glacier myself. Climate change is happening. And fortunately, we are going in the right direction. One example: Sir David gained 6 million followers on Instagram in only THREE WEEKS around the publication of the documentary. That’s almost 0,1% of our entire population! People actually are listening and willing to act.

But what does this have to do with food? Or with World Food Reporters to be precise? Well, the documentary perfectly pictured my biggest point of frustration. There are so many great things, ideas, people, initiatives, and stories that are a source of inspiration to others. But those stories mostly get lost, wander around, and reach only a small public. Which is a complete waste in my opinion. Imagine a farmer, entrepreneur, or product developer hearing about one of these initiatives and implementing it in their own company. One story really can make a difference. IF told and spread correctly.

World Food Reporters might not be perfect or finished, but we are trying our best and are spreading the word. And as long as we do this in a reliable and positive way, does that one grammar mistake really matter? Or the imperfect picture? We want to encourage YOU to just start working towards your best self. We want to hand you all the tools you need to become that source of inspiration to others.

Our goal is to be the biggest reliable food network worldwide and create a fund for sustainable, innovative projects. So we just start here. Today. Perhaps with an imperfect website or some grammar mistakes. Feel free to join and enjoy the ride.

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Article written by Marieke Schouten

Sources: Netflix.com (watch the documentary here if you haven’t already), Instagram.com/davidattenborough

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